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As with any good book blog, this one has been crafted with the intention of letting the world know my feelings about the books I’ve read. Since I have quite a few years of journalistic reviewing experience behind my belt, I know I’m definitely not one to mince words about my feelings on a particular subject, so readers can definitely expect my reviews to be 100 percent honest. I do not feel as if fluffing up reviews just for the sake of kissing up is fair to the readers, the authors, nor myself. However critical I may be, I will never be rude or dismissive, as that’s unprofessional and, frankly, an asshole move.

Rating will be done by the Amazing Pug Scale: the more pugs, the more I liked the book.

f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432One pug: I found the book to be just no good.
f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432Two pugs: This book was just “meh.” Not awful, but not good.
f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432Three pugs: It was a good, but not great novel; I might recommend it to others, but after some careful consideration.
f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432Four pugs: These will be considered great novels; I’d definitely recommend it to people.
f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432f897e2e871ed90d572f23b0539397432Five pugs: This means that I absolutely loved the book and wouldn’t hesitate to shout my adoration from the rooftops.

When I rate a novel, I generally look at the quality of plot and character development, entertainment value, and fluidity of writing.

The vast majority of the books presented on this blog will come from either my own purchases or on loan from the wonderful local libraries in my area. If, by any chance, that I do happen to review a book given to me in a giveaway, as an advanced reader copy from an author or publisher, or just from a friend, I’ll be sure to make it clear at the beginning of the post. Hey, I have to have integrity somewhere.

I am more than open to requests to read and review a particular work! Please do not hesitate to DM me on Twitter or Goodreads, or even shoot me an email. I can take ebook versions (thanks iBooks on the iPhone) or physical copies (thanks US Postal Service). Please bear in mind that I can’t promise something like a 48-hour turnaround on reading and reviewing the piece, but I’ll keep you posted on when the post containing your request goes up.


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