January Bookish Month in Review & February Goals

#Sorrynotsorry for my outpouring of feminism lately, but the shit really has hit the fan since November 8th of last year. However, I took a long, long look at myself and my mental health during my break between then and now. The best outlet for me right now, other than taking to the streets when the occasion calls for it, is to throw myself into the reading and blogging that I so love. Having this type of creative outlet is ultimately the best course of action for me to maintain as much sanity as possible.

Reading and writing is, in essence, a revolutionary act. You sit down, commit pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard), and create a world of your own design. What you craft, what flows from you has the power to inspire readers to be and do better. Books have been there every step of the way to drive social, cultural, and economic change. By supporting this community, we have the power to be able to foster something amazing for this generation. By resisting in any way we possibly can, we can make things so much better for those that follow us.

Anyway, I’ve been on this grandiose soapbox, but it pretty much does sum up the thoughts I’ve been having all month. Despite only being able to blog for about a week or so, I was able to finish four books this month. I’m hoping to have at least five more done this month! I have a lot of plans for February not only for this blog, but also in my personal and professional lives. There’ll be lots of travel due to work (we’re going to Dallas!) and, thus, lots of time to read and write! Hooray!

While I didn’t mention this in my 2017 goals post, I want to be able to read 75 books this year. I think I can finish one book this week (either today or tomorrow), which would put me only one book behind schedule for making this goal. My main plan for achieving this goal is to start working on a lot of the ebooks I have piled up. I’m on track to write 7/8 of my outstanding Netgalley reviews this month, too!

Books Completed:

Currently Reading:

  • Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights – Katha Pollitt
  • Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics – bell hooks

To Be Read:

  • Gilded Cage – Vic James
  • Crystal Cadets – Anne Toole (I keep telling myself I’m gonna reread it, but never get away with it. IT WILL HAPPEN THIS MONTH.)
  • Threats of Sky and Sea – Jennifer Ellision
  • Marionette – TB Markinson
  • Tangled Tides – Karen Amanda Hooper

Reviews to Write:

  • The Heartbeat Thief – A.J. Krafton
  • Mind of the Phoenix – Jamie McLachlan
  • Crystal Cadets – Anne Toole
  • Enthrall – M.R. Reed

How did your January go? Was it better, worse, or just as you planned? What was the best thing you read all month? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “January Bookish Month in Review & February Goals

  1. I am so not a reader. I do better with audio books. I usually love books that tell a story (short attention span lol). I admire people who read a lot. Reading, well listening, to more books is the goal for 2017. You’re inspiring!


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