[Book Traveling Thursdays] National Author’s Day

Another week has gone by and it’s once again time for Book Traveling Thursday!

New to Book Traveling Thursdays? No problem! This is a meme established by Danielle of Shelfies Above Selfies & Catia of The Girl Who Read Too Much. The rules are fairly simple:

  1. Pick a book that you think fits the weekly theme.
  2. Explain why your chosen book fits the theme.
  3. Look at covers from multiple editions and multiple countries for the book you chose.
  4. Finally, include pictures of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover.

C’est tout!

This Week’s Theme:

National Author’s Day was a couple of days ago… choose a book written by one of your favorite authors.

My Choice:

The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot

In recent Tag Tuesdays, I’ve been talking a lot about my love for Meg Cabot, because my love for the Queen of Teen will never die. While my favorite series of hers (no surprise) is the Mediator, her most popular long-term series is, of course, The Princess Diaries. It was actually one of my first forays into the world of young adult fiction, so I guess you could say that Meg Cabot was literally my gateway drug into my on going addiction to this genre overall. I should probably revisit this series at some point; I always loved Mia Thermopolis as a main character.

Original Cover:


US HarperTeen Hardcover.

Other US Covers:


Macmillan Children’s Books, HarperCollins Movie Tie-In, HarperCollins, HarperTrophy.

International Covers:


Lithuanian Edition, Thai Edition, Spanish Edition, Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) Edition.

My Favorite Covers:


Thai Edition, US HarperTrophy Edition.

My Least Favorite Cover:


Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) Edition.

What book did you choose for this theme? What cover is your favorite? Have you ever read this one? Let’s chat in the comments below!



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