Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday: October 26th, 2016

It’s that time of the week again where we ask the lovely blog owner: WHATCHA READIN’? In this weekly segment, I give a brief glimpse into the books that are currently occupying my spare time, as well as a little recap of the past seven days, overall.

So, Amber, whatcha readin’?

And after a bit of a spike in reading activity, this week fell somewhat short compared what I was anticipating to reach. However, any progress is good progress — and I finished #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso! Don’t worry, I won’t be letting out any spoilers on my thoughts during this post; you’ll see exactly what I think about the book on Friday’s review. Furthermore, I did make some modest progress in both Half-Blood Prince and The Heartbeat Thief, despite the both of them falling to the wayside to the pressing #GIRLBOSS deadline. But hey, now that I’m no longer pressed by a deadline, I can spend this week focusing on the other two books — and getting out the Kiss, Kill, Love Him Still review I’ve been putting off for a month now.

17347380Half-Blood Prince is chugging along well; I’m in the home stretch, essentially! The last time I updated Goodreads, it indicated that I was 71% of the way through the novel. It might be a little bit more than that now, but I don’t think I’ve touched the book since I did the Goodreads update on Friday. Harry’s putting forth his best efforts in trying to obtain the one clouded memory from Slughorn, while also trying his best to figure out exactly what Malfoy’s up to. Ron and Hermione seem to be catching feelings for one another, as well! The gradual development of their relationship  is actually one of my favorite things about the series and it’s so pure to see it unfold all over again. Since neither I nor my partner have any traveling or major events demanding our attendance this weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if I finished this by Halloween.

25320527The further I get into this book, the more and more engrossed I become. There’s something about the main character, Senza, in the Heartbeat Thief that I want to absolutely abhor, but I can’t help but adore her at the same time? Now that she’s fully embraced her role at the edge of mortal existence in stealing away heartbeats, it’s interesting to see her change into a far more aloof woman than she was when she was merely a debutante. Of course, she still pines for the man who gave her such a burden to bear, but I’m excited to see where her constant need to change roles in society takes her. I’m about halfway through this book and might be able to finish this, too, on the train or when we’re waiting in places. Lord knows the lines are going to be long Saturday while I’m waiting to get my early voting done.

So, whatcha readin’ this week? Any interesting updates or books you want to start soon? Let’s chat in the comments below!


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