[5 Things on Sunday] Fall Favorites

Happy Sunday and welcome to another 5 Things on Sunday! Apologies for not posting one last weekend; my partner and I were stuck in traffic forever getting back to DC from Virginia Beach, leaving me with minimal time to get this out. Well, I’m not stuck on I-64 for three hours this weekend, folks!

For those who are new to this meme, it was started by Kendra at Reads and Treats as a not-always-bookish alternative to Top 5 Wednesdays. Most of the time, the prompts are about book-related topics, but on occasion, we’re treated to non-bookish items as a breather.

This week, the theme is:

5 Fall Favorites

  • Dark Makeup: Granted, I tend to wear deep red lipsticks year-round because they look good on me, but this is the time of year when you can really embrace your witchy side with makeup. I’m dipping more into the darker shades on my Naked 3 palette and it is amazing.
  • Salted Caramel Mochas: These last at Starbucks through the winter, but early fall is when they make their real resurgence. I used to be a die hard PSL fanatic until I learned of the magic these hold. I probably should get one after brunch today.
  • Sweater/Leggings/Boots Combo: In college, I use to besmirch the name of any girl I saw wearing these three items together for, really, no good reason at all. Shaming fellow girls for their choice of clothing is really anti-feminist (bad, past Amber)! Once I got older, I saw the comfy, cozy light and it was good. And cute.
  • Apple Cider Mixed Drinks: Apple cider is just the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and therefore mixes well with many different alcohols to keep you feeling warm from the inside out. I love mixing apple cider with rum or champagne, but my partner really likes apple cider and bourbon.
  •  Peak Dog Weather: Hear me out, usually it is far too humid in DC during the summer for people to be walking their dogs a lot. No one wants to put the puppos through that stress. However, fall means moderate/cool weather that pups love to frolic in! There are so many dogs!

What are your top 5 fall favorites? Let’s chat in the comments!


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