[Book Traveling Thursdays] Starting Somewhere

Another week has gone by and it’s once again time for Book Traveling Thursday!

New to Book Traveling Thursdays? No problem! This is a meme established by Danielle of Shelfies Above Selfies & Catia of The Girl Who Read Too Much. The rules are fairly simple:

  1. Pick a book that you think fits the weekly theme.
  2. Explain why your chosen book fits the theme.
  3. Look at covers from multiple editions and multiple countries for the book you chose.
  4. Finally, include pictures of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover.

C’est tout!

This Week’s Theme:

We all have to start out of somewhere. Choose a book that got you into reading.

My Choice:

Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine
I’ve always been a huge fan of reading; any of my family members will regale stories of my affinity for playing this reading game on my grandma’s computer when I was two years old. However, it wasn’t until fifth grade when I really picked up my voracious appetite for reading novels. As much as I say that Harry Potter was my first love, it was actually Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted that I vividly remember picking up and devouring like no other book before it. Potter, on the other hand, was a discovery that came a few months later. While Ella Enchanted is not a book that I feel that I can revisit time and time again, I know I can always look back on it fondly as the one that started it all.

Original Cover:

US Scholastic Edition

Covers from the United States:


US Schoalstic, HarperTrophy, & Collins Publishers Editions

Favorite Cover:


HarperTrophy Edition

Least Favorite Cover:


Movie Tie-In Edition

Which is the book that kicked off your reading career? What’s your favorite cover? Let’s chat in the comments below!


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