5 Things on Sunday: Purse

It’s been about two weeks, but it’s time for another go at 5 Things on Sunday! On this end of the internet, it’s been a hectic fortnight, especially with the recent trip to St. Louis to be with my partner’s family, as well as a recent trip to Virginia Beach. I’m just glad that I’m able to quickly get back into doing this.

For those who are new to this meme, it was started by Kendra at Reads and Treats as a not-always-bookish alternative to Top 5 Wednesdays. Most of the time, the prompts are about book-related topics, but on occasion, we’re treated to non-bookish items as a breather.

This week, the theme is:

5 Things I Keep in my Purse

  • My Phone: If you haven’t been following my Twitter, then you wouldn’t know the debacle I’ve been involved in this weekend. If I had just kept my phone in my purse where it belongs, then it wouldn’t have been in the toilet on Friday and I would have $150 more dollars.
  • My Wallet: Especially in a place like DC, the wallet is a sacred object. It’s where one’s SmartTrip card resides. It’s often where one’s security pass for their job resides. It’s where my debit card lives so that I may go drinking on weekends. It’s where my ID lives so that I may go drinking on weekends. If I lose that, I lose my whole life.
  • A Book: This is almost a given, considering the main topic of this blog. If I take the Metro, my commute to work is about an hour; I need some form of entertainment during that time, lest I’m stuck staring at people awkwardly for a full 60 minutes. By bringing a book along, I’ll always have something on hand to help me pass the time — and tackle my TBR.
  • My Keys: These are important regardless of whether or not I take the Metro. I always need them upon coming home, but if I choose to take my car that day, I also need them to, you know, start the car. Might be a little difficult to do that without keys.
  • A Lip Product: I generally don’t wear lipstick at work because I’m constantly drinking water at my desk and in meetings. However, if I’m meeting someone — usually my partner — after work, then I’ll slap some on while I’m en route to the meeting place. I generally go for liquid lipsticks due to their durability and flexibility, especially those from NYX. (JUST GET THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT AND CHEAP.)

What five things do you generally carry with you? What do you think you need to start bringing with you?


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