Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday: September 28, 2016

It’s that time of the week again where we ask the lovely blog owner: WHATCHA READIN’? In this weekly segment, I give a brief glimpse into the books that are currently occupying my spare time, as well as a little recap of the past seven days, overall.

So, Amber, whatcha readin’?

Regrettably, I didn’t get too much reading done as I spent the week prepping for several things: the Shearwater review and all of the necessary receipts, as well as a trip to St. Louis for my partner’s grandfather’s funeral. It’s been an eventful week, to say the least. Most of my reading from this actually has taken place while up in the air, but I’ll get into that in a moment. For the rest of the week, though, I think my partner and I are going to decompress from all of the stress we’ve incurred with trying to quickly move along with the family plans. Hopefully that’ll lead to more time to kick back with a good book or graphic novel. I need it to lead to more time to kick back with a good book or graphic novel.

17347381Slowly but surely, I’m working through Order of the Phoenix. Compared to how quickly I breezed through the previous four books in the series, I’m certainly taking my time reading this one for some reason. The weird thing about my progress through OotP is that when I sit down and actually read it, I can knock out large chunks of pages at a time, but given that this is the longest book in the series, its sheer size is still intimidating even though I’ve read it time and time again. I did take it with me on this trip to St. Louis to read on flights; I was able to knock out a sizable amount on Monday on the way over from DC. We’re flying back later today with a layover in Atlanta, so I’m confident that I’m going to be finishing it on this trip. I have about 270 pages left. Really, if I don’t end up finishing this book on the trip back to DC, I’m going to start questioning my reading abilities, because it should absolutely be a breeze to complete the climax of the story.

25853351It’s been a while since I talked about graphic novels on this blog (or much of anything, really, given the hiatus I’m still coming out of), but I love to bring lesser-known stories to the forefront. The Wicked and the Divine is one of the those graphic novel series that deserves more attention than it currently is getting and it’s the third volume, Commercial Suicide, that is truly proving that notion. After the shocking twist at the end of the second volume, readers were left wondering about the narrative direction of the series. However, after being sucked in by the fast-paced action and development of this particular installment on Saturday night, I have full confidence in the direction of this series. Usually I have to wait six months for the next trade to come out, but since I waited a while on purchasing this particular volume, I only have two weeks. You bet your ass that I’m going to be sucking that up as soon as it comes out. I need to read more.

So, dear reader, whatcha readin’? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday: September 28, 2016

  1. I remember sitting through the early morning hours to finish OoTP *nostalgia* ..
    Your post just reminded me of the convo I had with my hubby yesterday .. He admitted that OoTP was his least fav, not because of the size but because he found there were just too many pages with a lot of unnecessary info-dump.

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