[Tag Tuesday] Birthstones as Books Tag

After the well-deserved explosion that happened on Sunday, I think a nice reprieve is due in the form of yet another Tag Tuesday! This one comes to me by way of Stephanie of Adventures of a Bibliophile and her amazing blog. She’s going through some major grad school-related stress right now, so I’m sure she’d appreciate any kind of positivity and support heading her way! At present, I’m actually writing this while at an airport, as my partner and I are headed off to St. Louis to attend to some family matters. This supremely creative tag is serving as the best form of distraction for me from this impending flight.

GARNET (JANUARY)- Associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies, name a book with the darkest/evilest character you can think of.

Professor Umbridge is absolutely going to be a cliche with this tag — and rightfully so! The cruel and calculated way in which she conducts herself throughout the series is despicable. Though she hasn’t quite committed murders or other large-scale atrocities like Lord Voldemort, she does wreak large amounts of psychological and physiological torture upon the children at Hogwarts. That’s its own brand of evil.

AMETHYST (FEBRUARY)- Purple is associated with royalty, name a book with regal qualities…You can base your choice on characters or choose the king (or queen) of all books.

Another easy choice, but this is coming from post-flight brain: The Selection series by Kiera Cass literally is about royalty and who’s set to become the next princess of the fictional Illea. When the story moves on to cover Princess Eadlyn’s Selection twenty years after the original series, readers are treated to even more royal goodness and drama.

AQUAMARINE (MARCH)- Washed out, name a ‘wishy washy’ character, a character who is not strong or is a follower.

This absolutely has to be Jacy Wilbert from E.C. Moore’s Every Big and Little Wish. Within the pages of this infuriating novel, a lot of crazy shit happens to her, but despite being the main character, she doesn’t really do anything about it. One may argue that she’s strong in that she doesn’t truly let things get to her, but I feel as if Jacy truly isn’t owning up to leading her life, either.

DIAMOND (APRIL)- A diamond in the rough, name a book that you loved but is not well known.

I truly adored Outspoken by Lora Richardson; it was one of my favorite reads from last year! Even though I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of young adult contemporary, Richardson’s storytelling instantly sucked me in. It’s a delightful, gripping coming of age tale that needs more attention.

EMERALD (MAY)- Said to balance energy, name two characters who balance each other well. 

Alina and Mal from Shadow and Bone/The Grisha trilogy fit this to a T. I don’t want to give too much away about the way the books end, but I’m hard pressed to think of a pair that is more made for each other than those two.

PEARL (JUNE)- Associated with loyalty, name a character who is loyal to the end.

I’m taking some inspiration from Stephanie’s answer here. She mentioned Neville Longbottom, which is true, but since I’m currently reading through Order of the Phoenix, I’m reminded of exactly how loyal and steadfast Luna Lovegood is. She stuck it through with Harry and Co. despite all of the negativity, “house traitorship,” etc. I love her.

RUBY (JULY)- Blood red, name a book that made your blood boil, one that made you angry.

Not even a question. Goddamn Shearwater by Derek “Bullshit” Murphy. Fuck plagiarism.

PERIDOT (AUGUST)- It pales in comparison to other gems, name a supporting character who you like better than the main character.

HOW DARE YOU DISPARAGE THE PERIDOT, MY BIRTHSTONE. It does not pale in comparison just because it is pale!

Also, I gave infinitely more shits about Agatha and Penny in Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On than I did Simon and Baz. I really, really wanted them to be a couple and was — as always when it comes to f/f relationships — sorely disappointed.

SAPPHIRE (SEPTEMBER)- Blue like the ocean which is calming, name a book that had a calming affect on you.

It’s been a long, long time since I last read it, but I find the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater to bring me calm. There’s something about the wooded, chilly setting of Minnesota and the air of mystery surrounding the werewolves that made me feel at ease while reading it.

OPAL (OCTOBER)- Iridescent, name an iridescent book; this can be with a beautiful cover (shiny, colorful) or you can base it off a character (quirky? unique?).

This wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read — far from it — but The Jewel by Amy Ewing has a gorgeous cover. I like the monochromatic elements of it, as well as the way Violet’s dress blends seamlessly into the aforementioned jewel on the cover. Gorgeous.

TOPAZ (NOVEMBER)- Associated with resilience, name a book with a character who rises to the top in a time of adversity.

I’d argue that maintaining calm and composure in the face of knowing you’re going to be killed because your mom started a war fits this category, right? Princess Greta from The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow experienced that and much more within the covers of this book. The way she conducts herself within the novel is truly admirable.

BLUE ZIRCON (DECEMBER)- Associated with friendship, name a book with a friendship you want to be a part of.

Oh, I would love to be part of the Suze/Cee Cee friendship in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. They’re such a radical, supportive and kickass duo that I just want to make it a trio!

Consider Yourself Tagged:

  • As always, I don’t like to tag individual people, especially not when I’m writing this post during my partner’s grandfather’s wake. However, if you want to participate in the tag, feel free to let me know that you’ve posted it! I’d love to see what your answers are! 

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