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Happy Thursday morning one and all! Despite this being posted a few days late, I’m kicking off my official Tag Tuesday series with this neat tag that Veda of Crown Print recently posted: the Netflix and Books tag. Thank you, Veda, for posting this! After an especially rough roller coaster of a weekend, I figured that I needed some significantly lighter fare to bring me back to normal. Especially after being AWOL since Wednesday, I definitely know that diving right into the review I wanted to do would not be in my best interest for my headspace. I originally intended this to go up on Tuesday, but fate decided that was not going to be in the cards. BUT I DO HAVE TWO REVIEWS COMING. IT’S GONNA BE FUN.

Let’s get started, shall we? I definitely haven’t been watching a lot of Threadbanger nosiree

Tag Rules:

  • Choose a book or book series that best matches the prompt provided.
  • Feel free to change the TV show if you’d like it to reflect YOUR preferences!
  • A blank set of the prompts is located at the very bottom.
  • Link back to the creators, Christy at Novel Ink and Lauren at Bookmark Lit, and tag some friends to join in!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: unlikeable character(s)

Holy moly, you want to talk about unlikeable characters? Let’s talk about unlikeable characters. While my review hasn’t gone up yet — but it will sometime this week — the main four girls from Kiss Kill Love Him Still by Jamie Blair and Dawn Rae Miller epitomize this concept. I don’t really care that one character’s a drug dealer, one character’s hiding her bisexuality, one had a shoplifting streak, and the other traded term papers for sex; their misgivings don’t necessarily mean that they’re overall “bad” people. No, it’s the way in which the characters acted around each other and interacted with the people around them that pissed me off. There’s going to be more of a rant about this in my review, but just know: this was a major pain point for me.

Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen

*Tina Fey voice* Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by J.K. Rowling. Good. *end Tina Fey voice* While reading Harry Potter for the first time, my ship wasn’t necessarily Harry and Hermione (and still isn’t), because I guess I’m a bit of a ship hipster that way. However, when we got into the later years of the series, I start to recognize how perfect Luna and Neville were as a couple, only for it to be dashed in the epilogue when Neville ended up with Hannah Abbott and Luna with Rolf Scamander. They were awkwardly perfect for each other! I realize that they’re hinted at being a thing at the end of Deathly Hallows, and that’s nice, but it’s just not the same.

Friends: best cast of characters/friendships

This is totally a throwback, but I absolutely adored the friendships that developed in the Smoke in Scott Westerfield’s Uglies series. Here we have a bunch of self-exiled outcasts that realize exactly what’s gone wrong in the post-Pretty society and have actively found a way to stop it. Of course, the Smokies are far more nuanced than that, as they also are the source of the main antagonists for Tally, the protagonist. It’s been a few years since I last read this series, but I would love to revisit these characters sometime soon.

Gossip Girl: hate that you love or guilty pleasure

Let’s just get this out of the way. I kind of ironically love Twilight. As much as we in the bookish community try to denounce the series, we can’t deny that there’s a little part of us that still has some kind of gravitation toward the series. I completely recognize how truly abusive Edward and Jacob are towards Bella, but dang it, if this series didn’t already fit in so perfectly with my love for vampires growing up. I will admit, however, that the final book’s not-really-a-battle-scene is complete and utter bullshit. Fuck your rubber band mind shield powers, Bella.

Doctor Who: long series you loved

Harry Potter. Not a question, especially now that the series has eight books. I feel like this made even more true by the sheer volume of pages within this series, as well. Shit, my copy of Order of the Phoenix is just shy of 900 pages. This is definitely a long series, but once you’re reading it, it definitely doesn’t feel too long. Also, why is this past tense? My love for Harry Potter is an indefinite, never-ending thing. It is my past, present, and future. Ok, shut up Lady Voldemort

Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels

Similar to the way Twilight made me swoon something fierce, I’d actually venture to say that The Selection series by Kiera Cass gave me even more feels than the Edward and Bella chronicles. It’s so easy to let go and get swept up in all of the drama, romance, and gorgeous gowns within the five books of the series, no matter how trashy or vapid the characters could be. I don’t read Kiera Cass’ novels for the substance, no, but to revive the squealy, lovelorn teenager that waits just beneath the surface of my hardened exterior. Who doesn’t want to be a pretty princess in gorgeous gowns?

How I Met Your Mother: bad ending

Ah, immediately my mind went to the first book I ever wrote a review for on this blog — the inspiration behind starting Only True Magic: Hereafter by Tara Hudson. Granted, this book suffered from being bad from start to finish, but the ending was the piece de resistance on the entire steaming pile of bad. After 400 pages of the two main characters effectively doing nothing regarding the plot, the ending was equally underwhelming. Out of nowhere, the main antagonist appears, says some threatening things and…nothing happens. No real conflict. No real conflict resolution. Just…nothing. If you’re going to give me a shitty ending, at least have something happen.

Supernatural: favorite paranormal/fantasy

Absolutely, without a doubt, this has to be my persistent preteen favorite: the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. It has everything that I love in a good YA paranormal/fantasy series: a literally kick-ass heroine, a romantic interest that treats her with respect, positive minority representation, and ghosts every where. I absolutely love ghosts and will try to read anything ghost-related that I can get my hands on, so when I learned about Mediator in my early high school days, that was it. Furthermore, Cabot has extended the series through to Suze’s adulthood, which means that I can literally watch her grow up. I just need this series to be, like, 20 books long.

Freaks & Geeks: left you wanting more

I’ve made my feelings pretty clear on my stance on reproductive rights on this blog as a proud former Planned Parenthood and NARAL intern, so you can imagine my excitement when I learned about The Jewel by Amy Ewing. The Jewel takes place in a society in which aristocrats have completely damaged the gene pool, forcing them to take surrogates in order to have children. I so wanted Ewing to go more into the ethics of surrogacy and other reproductive choice issues, but I was left disappointed. However, there are other books in the series that I’ve yet to read, so maybe she goes more into these topics later on. I JUST WANT POSITIVE REPRESENTATION OF ABORTIONS, OK.

The OC: series that should have ended earlier

So if Cassandra Clare’s books were never published, they technically would have ended earlier, before publication. I would have loved for that plagiarist to have never gotten the opportunity to steal works from other content creators. That’s all I’m going to say on this issue.

Girl Meets World: should have a spin-off

Holy shit, do I want a full-fledged series about Hermione Granger’s rise to Minister of Magic. We got to have Harry’s story all throughout the original series, but Hermione was such an inspiration and feminist hero for me that I absolutely must know how she came to be. If this question is answered in The Cursed Child, then okay, that may curb my desire a little bit, but to see her full path through adulthood would be amazing. I really just need more Hermione-based media: her own TV show, her own movies, her own line of knitted accessories. All Hermione everything.

That 70’s Show: set in a different time period

Given that it’s a memoir, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, is, of course, about the period of time leading up to and after her father’s suicide. Her artistic style in this autobiographical graphic novel fits in perfectly with the time periods in which the story takes place. Furthermore, the discussion around both her father’s and Bechdel’s own sexuality has a radically different context in these flashes to the past, as people were far less forthcoming with being queer than they are now. This is such an important and pivotal piece of literature, especially for queer people, to contextualize the discussions about the LGBTQ experience and the progression we’ve made from then to now.

Orange is the New Black: couldn’t stop reading

There’s something about graphic novels that just completely pull me in; I’ll chalk it up to my childlike wonder and attraction to bright and colorful things. When it came to Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona, I immediately was hooked from the moment I first started the book. Nimona was something that I purchased about a year and a half ago, but didn’t get around to reading until about June of this year. However, I started reading it near the end of a shift at work — maybe around 6 or so — and had it finished not too long before I got off the clock at 9. Part of it was slow call volume, but the major part came from the story within the comic being so compelling and unexpected. I need to do a re-read to slip back into the world again for a few hours.

Parks and Recreation: made you laugh out loud

The perfect answer for this question is, of course, Yes Please by my queen and personal hero, Amy Poehler. Her book of essays is one that has completely changed a lot of my attitudes toward myself and my goals, all delivered in Poehler’s classic brand of irreverent humor. Between her anecdotes about her time on SNL and in Second City, as well as her essays about feminism and unashamedly owning your womanhood, all delivered in a big hilarious package. Granted, her job is literally to be funny, so if she has a plain memoir, then it’s going to be disappointing, but I’m so pleased that she hit it out of the park with this one.

One Tree Hill: favorite book boyfriend

Out of all of the book boys I’ve read throughout the years, I don’t think one has taken my heart so thoroughly as Jesse de Silva from the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. Is he a little old fashioned? Sure, he’s a ghost of a ranchero who was murdered as a crime of passion in the late 1800s; he’s got three waves of feminism to learn. However, Jesse is el Rey de Swooning with the way he radiates his desire for Suze’s heart and well-being. I absolutely have that now with my own Rey de Swooning (as he goes on about price gouging funnel cake), but as a dorky 14-year-old in her freshman year of high school, Jesse is The Ideal. I bet younger me would have absolutely died while reading Remembrance and experiencing Doctor de Silva.

Breaking Bad: favorite villain

“Fine, make me your villain.” Alright, Darkling, I absolutely will. Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy is one of my favorite series, due in part with the complexity of the Darkling’s machinations. He’s absolutely maniacal at points with maintaining the extent to which his deception across Ravka lay. Furthermore, the way Bardugo wrote him was so multi-faceted: when Alina felt as if she were quickly falling in love with the Darkling, so was her audience becoming entranced by his charisma. Even though I just read the entire series this year, I’m considering reading it again sometime soon.

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