Bout of Books: Day Seven Tracking & Wrap-Up


And here we are, a week later, to reflect on the successes of Bout of Books 17! While I didn’t get a chance to achieve all of the goals I had originally intended to smash, I recognize the merits behind using this readathon to transition back into the swing of blogging regularly again. Truth be told, making blogging and recreational reading habits again were the main things I wanted to achieve through participating in Bout of Books this go around. It’s actually inspired me to participate in yet another readathon over Labor Day weekend! Maybe I’ll write a review this week? who knows *x-files theme plays* Overall, I’m extremely proud of the reading I did over the past week and averaged at just under 100 pages a day read. Were there some weaker days? Absolutely. But finishing a book as large as Goblet of Fire while also having to deal with a full-time job and social schedule is an accomplishment anyone should be proud of, and I won’t discount my accomplishments just because I didn’t finish all three of the books I intended to read.

So how did I do this week?

This Week’s Goals:

  • finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • finish The Scorpion Rules
  • finish Kiss, Kill, Love Him Still
  • other stretch goals that will be determined if I get there

Day Seven Progress:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • day one started on page: 65
  • day one ended on page: 155
  • day two ended on page: 272
  • day three ended on page:338
  • day four ended on page: 406
  • day five ended on page: 478
  • day six ended on page: 506
  • day seven ended on page: 734
  • day one number of pages read: 90
  • day two number of pages read: 117
  • day three number of pages read: 66
  • day four number of pages read: 68
  • day five number of pages read: 72
  • day six number of pages read: 28
  • day seven number of pages read: 228
  • total number of pages read: 669

The Scorpion Rules

  • day four started on: 50%
  • day four ended on: 53%
  • total percentage read: 3%

How did you do this week for this Bout of Books? Was this your first time participating? What do you aim to do in the future?


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