5 Things on Sunday: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Okay, so maybe I lied a little bit on my Bout of Books post, but I wanted to quickly get a 5 Things on Sunday out of the way before I unplugged from the world altogether for the rest of the day. It also breaks up the Bout of Books monotony just a little bit, and it’s always great to mix things up after being so focused on the readathon over the past week. It also provides a great transition back into a regular blogging format — yaaaay!

New to 5 Things on Sunday? This is a meme started by Kendra at Reads and Treats, where the goal is simple: just create a short list of five things that fits the weekly theme. Doesn’t need to be totally bookish, but the more bookish things, the better!

This Week’s Theme:

5 Things That Have Been on My To-Do List for a While

  1. Recycling ALL of the cardboard boxes from moving – There’s an entire corner in our kitchen that’s devoted just to the cardboard boxes Sam and I accumulated while putting together our apartment while we moved in together. We would have recycled them sooner but, uh, we forgot which day was recycle day. It might be Tuesday? Maybe Monday? WHO KNOWS.
  2. Donate boxes of clothes – Again, just a thing that’s fallen to the wayside after moving. When we were getting settled, I went through my clothes to figure out what I absolutely needed and what I outgrew. It’s about 3 bins of clothes, but I’m just too lazy to try to brave DC traffic to drive to the closest Goodwill. Drivers here suck; they make me miss Virginia drivers.
  3. Get back on birth control – Yeah, this is actually not my doing. Not entirely. My Nexplanon implant expired in March, but when I tried to get an IUD, my doctor ended up trying to pull some denial bullshit and lied to me about things. It’s a long story. Either way, now I’m with a new health insurance plan in a new place altogether and I’m actually making appointments for things this week so IT WILL HAPPEN SOON.
  4. Get my nails done – I’ve been watching a lot of Simply Nailogical on YouTube lately and I love da holo I need da holo GIMME DA HOLO. Again, new neighborhood, don’t know the good places. I need to find them so I can have HOLO NAILS. Thanks, Cristine, for giving me a new addiction.
  5. Obtain work pants – Now that I’m walking and metro-ing to work, I need something to protect my legs during the colder months that actually happen. Virginia Beach barely has a true winter, whereas DC gets snow. Massive amounts of it. All the time. This city was supposedly built on a swamp, y’all.

So what five things have been on your to-do list forever? Do you have any plans to accomplish these goals?


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