Bout of Books: Day Two Tracking


Despite my having an even busier day yesterday than I did on Monday, I actually far exceeded Monday’s total! Granted, there were a few times where we were completely stopped on the Metro for several minutes, but that’s okay; it just provided that much more reading time. I also was able to read for about an hour before bed, something I haven’t done since a little bit before my move up here. Last night, my partner asked how much I’d read in the past two days and even he was surprised by the number! Granted, I have been seeing a lot of people finishing their books over the past few days; while that is disheartening for me, I do have to bear in mind that not everyone has the same work schedule. Even just last month, I had a radically different work schedule than I do now! Any progress is good progress. Truth be told, I had originally planned to attend a team trivia night at a bar in my neighborhood last night, but Bout of Books came first, y’all. 

This Week’s Goals:

  • finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • finish The Scorpion Rules
  • finish Kiss, Kill, Love Him Still
  • other stretch goals that will be determined if I get there

Day Two Progress:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • day one started on page: 65
  • day one ended on page: 155
  • day two ended on page: 272
  • day two number of pages read: 117
  • total number of pages read: 207

How did your day two go? Have you finished any books yet? What social events have you sacrificed to the Bout of Books Goddesses?


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