5 Things on Sunday // I Cannot Live Without

With my rejoining the blogosphere, I figured it’s as good a time as any to pick up some new type of weekly features to get the ball rolling. I’ve noticed that, in my absence, Kendra over at Reads and Treats has started her own series, 5 Things on Sunday. The point is to make a short list of five things each Sunday that fits the theme she chooses. C’est tout.

Anything to get the creative juices flowing again, right?

This week’s theme:

Five Things I Cannot Live Without

  1. Coffee – As much of a morning person I claim to be, I still need a cup (or two) to get me ready to tackle the day. I’ll take some hazelnut creamer, thanks.
  2. Hulu/Netflix – Since I don’t have cable, these are the two outlets I can count on to deliver Food Network and Gordon Ramsay shows to me. Also Rupaul’s Drag Race. I need Drag Race.
  3. Puppies – Even though I don’t own one (yet!! – my landlords don’t allow us to have pets), my day is made a little brighter with every pug puppy I see on the street or online. Yes, every dog is a puppy, no matter how old.
  4. Harry Potter – This is a given. Harry Potter is love, Harry Potter is life. Harry Potter is the alpha and the omega.
  5. Stationery – I’m a Virgo, and as such, I love when things are organized and pretty, especially when they’re in a notebook, binder, or planner that’s elegantly designed. I can spend hours (and hundreds of dollars) at Paper Source just admiring all of the pretties.

So, dear reader, what are the five things you can’t live without?


5 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday // I Cannot Live Without

  1. Ahh I really love this post, it was so lovely to read. I really like when things are organized as well, and I LOVE pretty notebooks…even if I tend to buy those and then don’t even write in it, maybe because they are so pretty and I don’t want to destroy them? I’m weird like that ahha. And Yes, Harry Potter is love. ❤

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