The Inevitable Hiatus

So, there’s kind of been a reason that I’ve had almost nothing but radio silence on here over the last few weeks: as previously hinted, I’ve been prepping myself for applying to internal jobs within my place of employment at Large Auto Insurance Company. Now that I’ve actually put in applications, things are actually moving much faster than I had anticipated with regard to my professional life — SO, YOU KNOW, THAT’S EXCITING. Nothing is set in stone just yet, as I’m still only interviewing, but there’s the potential for more to come. (There would also be several HUGE moves involved, because it’s in DC.)

With that being said, I’m finding it difficult right now to juggle my personal life, my professional life, my activist life (since I’m volunteering for NARAL and Planned Parenthood, as well), AND my book blogging life. Something has to give, y’all, and I think this is the most logical cut for the time being.

Also my best friend is getting married and she asked me to knit her veil, which is a huge project so I need to focus on that, too????

Anyway. This isn’t good bye. This is just a see ya later.¬†Will I be back? Hell yeah, I’ll be back. I’m still reading all of the time and will be updating Goodreads and Twitter along the way. I’m just going to feel things out, see when things will be slowing down again, then make my triumphant return. The magic’s still alive, y’all.


2 thoughts on “The Inevitable Hiatus

  1. Good luck on your professional endeavors! And if you do move, please blog about it. I love reading about the unexpected or exciting turns people’s lives take.

    As for your hiatus, don’t sweat it! We all understand and will be here upon your return. ūüôā

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