Amber and the Hogwarts is Here Adventure || Introduction

After lots of consideration and alone time in the shower with a glass of wine, I’ve decided to reel back on doing the Top Ten Tuesdays. As much as I liked doing the Top Ten Tuesdays and such, I don’t know if I can actually be able to commit myself to doing those once a week as they tend to get pretty repetitive. On top of that, they’re things that almost everyone in the bookish community does and I want to be known for my quality and original content. With that being said, HERE’S THE PROMISED QUALITY AND ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Hogwarts is Here is a website with which I found myself enamored in mid-to-late 2014. I was a year detached from graduating university and quickly grew bored with the mundane life I led while working retail. The appeal of HiH came from the promises of an immersive experience in which one actually took the classes as if you were right there in the Hogwarts classroom. Did it live up to the promise? Hell yeah it did. However, shortly after starting my job at Major Automobile Insurance Agency, I didn’t have as much time to devote to my extracurricular activity while I went through training. Now that I’m fully settled in my job — and have this blog to document everything — I figured it was time to start fresh and jump back into the saddle of being a Hogwarts student.

Every week, I’m going to try my best to kick all of the ass in being the best damn Slytherin I can be while becoming in tune with the community. One thing HiH prides itself on is the roleplaying aspect with other students, which isn’t something I really participated in last time, so I hope to slide on in to these scenes. Not only do I hope to interact more with the students and really take on the persona of my character, but I also hope to kiss up to the professors and maybe work my way into a Professor’s Assistant role. (Slytherins are known for their ambitious qualities, after all.) Of course, the other major aspect is absolutely killing it in the assignments I’m given and doing everything assigned to me — even if it’s an optional assignment. I play to win, y’all, no doubt.


new slytherin girl lol

So here’s the charming young woman I’ve decided to play as. Her name is Louisa Annie Morton and she is dead set on becoming the next greatest magical political scientist — although she’s also interested in magical sociology, as well. She knows that both the Politicial Studies and Yore Lore majors are tough, competitive programs, but she’s got the type of all-or-nothing, headstrong attitude that will hopefully drive her toward success. The thing is, because of her devotion to her studies and making sure she’s a force to be reckoned with, her social sphere doesn’t reach all that far. Louie doesn’t want to sacrifice her dreams, but she knows that it can also be lonely at the top.

How will Louie fare in her first year at Hogwarts? Will she get a lesson in humility? WHO KNOWS BUT THAT’S WHAT THIS ADVENTURE IS FOR Y’ALL. I’ve already started the Astronomy class and completed a few assignments. However, I have probably chosen the worst possible time to get into it because I have a long vacation coming up with my partner at the end of the week. He does tend to be a late sleeper on his days off, so there is potential for some playtime while he snoozes away.

If you want to play along with me, let me know! You can find my profile here and, together, we can rule the school.


One thought on “Amber and the Hogwarts is Here Adventure || Introduction

  1. This totally brings me back to my high school and college days when I was active in a Hogwarts RPG online. For the life of me I can’t remember what its called now but it was so much taking classes and having pets and earning house points. Hope you kick butt in wizard school!

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