Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Recently Added to My TBR

So I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and start doing Top Ten Tuesdays with everyone else! As much of a Book Blogging Hipster that I try to be, I can’t quite escape the call of these fun little lists. It’s always fun to read everyone else’s response to the prompts; I might as well throw my hat into the ring, as well! (I was thinking about retiring WRW & SSS, anyway.) Without further ado, here are the top ten books I’ve recently added to my TBR! This might even just be a “look at the pretty things I just bought” kind of list, too, as I’ve acquired quite a few new books over the past few weeks.

  1. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: I’m actually reading through Siege and Storm right now, so of course I had to get Six of Crows from the library to read right after that — at least until Ruin and Rising is available from the library again.The Grishaverse is utterly captivating and I’ll take any chance I can get to spend time with the magic found within Bardugo’s pages.
  2. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Full disclosure: I have no idea what this book is about because I’ve deliberately kept myself detached from the hype surrounding it. On a recent trip to Blue Bicycle Books when I visited my hometown of Charleston, SC (home of YAllfest!), I saw this one hanging out in their YA corner and had to get it. My sister was freaked out by the cover, but she’s 11; she’ll soon learn.
  3. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Adichie is quickly becoming one of my favorite feminist authors as of late, and Americanah is widely considered to be one of her greatest works. From what I’ve heard from friends, it’s a stunning, thought-provoking tale of exploring one’s own cultural identity in the midst of uncertainty. I’m always down for a story of disrupting white supremacist cultural hegemony, so this is right up my alley.
  4. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay: Yet another book with which all of my fellow radical friends are obsessed. I haven’t read a good book of essays since Men Explain Things to Me, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to slip right into that kind of writing style again like a warm bath. Gay often has insightful pieces go up at The Nation; I’m excited to have a book in my hands filled with nothing else but her approachable writing. And, hey, bisexual girls gotta support each other.
  5. Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli: GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS I LIKE BOOKS ABOUT NON-STRAIGHT PEOPLE WOW SURPRISE. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this one, too, much like for Red Queen, but I have more of an understanding of what this one’s about. From what I gather, it’s not your usual “coming out of the closet” tale that so often permeates queer ya lit, making me excited to actually get lost in its pages.
  6. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: Last night, I spoke about this book with my friend while demonstrating how great I’ll be as a librarian when I finally get my Master’s. I asked her, “Okay, give me a genre and I’ll give you a book.” Off the bat, she goes, “What about gay wizards?” My response, without hesitation: “Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.” Joke’s on her, though, because I haven’t even read the damn thing. But I will. It’s sitting on my dresser, awaiting the day that I get to it.
  7. The Jewel by Amy Ewing: This isn’t anything too extremely groundbreaking, diverse, or subversive, but damn, do I love a cover with a fancy dress on it. This is going to fill the empty dress void in my heart while I wait for The Crown to be released later this year.
  8. The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow: Amazon gave me a $5 credit for ebooks right after Christmas for making several purchases, I guess, so I saw this on sale the other day and decided to get it. I remember Emily May from The Book Geek reviewing this on Goodreads not too long ago and thinking “yaaaaaas I must read it!” Now I can read it! Yaaaaaas!
  9. The Martian by Andy Weir: I went about this the complete opposite way: you’re supposed to read the book first, then see the movie. However, my partner and I saw the movie not too long ago, I think over Thanksgiving. He immediately bought the book as soon as we left the movie, and watching him read it was almost as entertaining as the film itself. I WANT TO LAUGH AT SPACE TOO.
  10. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken: Everyone’s reading this goddamn book right now and I want to be part of the club.

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