Bout of Books Day 4 Update and Day 5 Challenge

Bout of Books

Oh man, I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through this week! This has absolutely flown by and it only feels like the Bout of Books started yesterday. On day four, I ended up staying home from work due to being wracked with panic attacks so I committed myself to finishing a book — and hopping by the library to pay some overdue fines, whoops! I tried to read as much as I could today at work, but I’ll let y’all know in the morning how day 5 went when I do that particular update post. (: However, with Texas Gothic being finished, I can now say that I’m 2% done with my reading goal for the year, and we’re only a week into things! Go team!

Day 4 Progress

Texas Gothic:

  • Started challenge on page 51
  • Read to page 92 on Day 1
  • Read to page 297 on Day 2
  • Read to page 318 on Day 3
  • Finished book on page 404 on Day 4
  • Four-day total: 353 pages
  • 0 pages to go

Twisted Sisters:

  • Started challenge on page 0
  • Read to page 0 on Day 1
  • Read to page 13 on Day 2
  • Read to page 13 on Day 3
  • Read to page 13 on Day 4
  • Four-day total: 13 pages
  • 168 pages to go


  • Three-day total: 366 pages
  • Total number books read: 1

Day 5 Challenge

So, I’ve become a bit obsessed with challenges on Instagram, so I thought it would be fun to host a book scavenger hunt. Add me on Instagram, I’ll follow back and like your bookish stuff! You do not have to use Instagram, you can post on your blog, twitter, tumblr, or goodreads.

You can take your own pictures or use images you find online. Up to you. You can post them separately or in one picture, up to you!

You can complete as many of the hunts as you like. The more you do the more chances you have to win!

If you like hashtags, use this one – #boutofbookshunt

Tag me @bookgoil too!

Simple, right?

Book Scavenger Hunt:

1. Book Shelves

2. A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books

3. A Book and a Beverage

4. Blue Books

5. Cozy Reading Spot

Bruh, I was lazy af this morning from spending the majority of my Thursday crying and experiencing mental anguish, so while I’d ordinarily take the time to snap my own pictures for the scavenger hunt, I just did not do it. I’m going to continue to not do it now that it’s 10:30 pm and I had a long frickin’ day at work, which means it’s off to the internet to complete my scavenger hunt! I’m so glad it counts because the people were absolutely nuts on the phone today and I want to get more reading in while I wind down for the night.
1: Book Shelves
2: A book I plan to read/am currently reading for Bout of Books 
3: A book and a beverage
4: Blue Books
5: Cozy Reading Spot

How did your Day 4 go? Did you complete your scavenger hunt?


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