Bustle’s 2016 Reading Challenge

In the spirit of the other billion reading challenges springing up around this time, I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for Bustle’s challenge! More often than not, a lot of the more popular reading challenges make it easy to fall into the rut of reading mostly books written by white authors, featuring mostly white and able-bodied characters, or written by men. However, this year, Bustle has decided to take a far more intersectional and diverse approach to their reading challenge, which is perfect for anyone looking to broaden their reading horizons — or even just celebrate other cultures! I know I’m definitely excited to get started on tackling this particular list; I actually already purchased one of the books I’m going to be using for this one.

1. Read a Book Written by a Woman under 25
2. Read a Book on Non-Western History
3. Read a Book of Essays
4. Book about an Indigenous Culture
5. Read a Book before You See the Movie
6. Read a YA Book by an Author of Color
7. Read a Book Set in the Middle East
8. Read a Book about Women in War  Siege & Storm – Leigh Bardugo
9. Read a Graphic Novel Written by a Woman
10. Read a Book about an Immigrant or Refugee to the U.S.
11. Read a Children’s Book Aloud
12. Reread Your Favorite Book from Childhood
13. Read a Memoir from Someone Who Identifies as LGBTQIA
14. Read a Work of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Written by a Woman Soulless – Jacinta Maree
15. Read a Feminist Sci-Fi Novel
16. Read the First Book in a Series You’ve Never Read
17. Read a Book Set in Africa, by an Author from Africa
18. Read a Book in Translation
19. Read a Contemporary Collection of Poetry
20. Read a Book by a Modernist Woman Writer

Are you up for the challenge? Which type of book sparks your interest most?


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