Favorite Screen Characters Tag!

This week has been an utter nightmare of craziness while I went through training at work as part of my recent promotion. However, I felt a big crack in my gloomy, overloaded shell when I learned that Claire tagged me in the Favorite Screen Characters tag over at her blog, BooksWithClaire! She has a wonderful, bubbly personality that shines through her posts and her tag was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things. Thank you so much, Claire!

The point of this tag is to highlight one’s ten favorite characters on the big and small screens. Given that this is a book blog, I might be going off topic a little bit, but if there’s any reason for me to talk about Leslie Knope, then I’ll take it! I’m also meant to tag ten people in this, but I’m going to make it a free-for-all: if you want to participate, go right ahead! Just link me in your post so I can see your favorite characters!

#1: Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation

I can’t even consider a list about favorite on-screen characters without mentioning the light of my life, Leslie Knope. President Knope and I are so similar, in fact, that whenever someone I know watches this show for the first time, I will inevitably get a text from them saying, “DID THE WRITERS OF THIS SHOW SECRETLY MAKE THIS ABOUT YOU?” Granted, Leslie self-identifies as a Gryffindor (which is totally inaccurate — her ambition and love for self-promotion totally makes her a Slytherin), but I’ll let that one slide. Also she hates libraries, but we can’t all be perfect. Amy Poehler herself, though, loves libraries, so there’s some redemption.

2: Alisha Daniels – Misfits

Already two characters in and there’s a trend building: I like strong female characters who literally do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. Alisha definitely falls under that category during her limited time on the show. She’s the first to initiate the power switching that occurs throughout season two, since she’s tired of her power making her into an object. She learns her self-worth and isn’t afraid to use her confidence to protect herself and those she loves. Also, clearly, she loves a good brunch; that’s a straight line to my heart.

3: Katya Zamolodchikova – Rupaul’s Drag Race

Do reality shows count? They totally count, especially because the producers do their best to create a story line for each of the characters/contestants to draw in more ratings. That’s the justification I’m giving myself so I can include Katya in this list. Not only am I extremely jealous of her amazing split skills — please just watch the entire freakin’ lip sync — but there’s something about Katya that clicked with me throughout this whole last season of Drag Race. She’s so candid about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and addiction; while I’ve only had issues with two of those things and can’t fully relate, it’s so incredible to watch how she’s taken all of that negativity and catapulted herself to stardom. Furthermore, her sense of humor is so unique and understated — WHICH I LOVE.

4: Abbi Abrams – Broad City

Every time I binge Broad City, I vacillate between identifying more with Abbi or Ilana, but at the end of the day, it’s always going to be Abbi. She, just like me, is a mid-20s artist stuck in a dead-end job with neuroses that can be handed out like candy. While she might not always have the most mature approach to any given situation, she’s definitely the voice of reason when it comes to her best friend, Ilana. With season three of Broad City coming up, I’m sure that Abbi’s going to eventually catapult out of her janitorial job at the local gym, so I can later use her positive trajectory to pull out of my funk.

5: Carrie Brownstein – Portlandia

Not only is she a founding member of one of the most influential alt-bands of the 90’s, Sleater-Kinney, but Carrie Brownstein is freaking hysterical, to boot. Through Portlandia, she takes on a host of different characters ranging from a fictionalized version of herself to Toni, the meek, yet strangely sexual co-owner of a feminist book store to Lance, a studly rockabilly dude who loves cars and his girl, Nina — and everything in between. It’s a joy to see her come alive with Fred Armisen in each of the different characters through all of the myriad situations that could possibly come from living in Portland. Additionally, she’s probably collaborated with St. Vincent and is open about her bisexuality, so she’s pretty much my hero.

6: Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Thankfully, this list isn’t in any particular order, lest I face the wrath for having Queen Granger so low in the ranking. Growing up, Hermione was exactly what I wanted to be when I got older: both book and street smart, fiercely dedicated to her beliefs, and loyal to those closest to her. Also, let’s be real, everyone wants a killer right hook like Hermione’s. Through my adolescence, it was an absolute dream to grow older with this character through both screen and page and watch her develop into the headstrong, independent woman we know and love. I’m sure she still has that strong punching ability, too.

7: The Ninth Doctor – Doctor Who

My days as a self-identifying Whovian are long, long past, but I will never quite let go of the magic that came from falling in love with my first Doctor. Often discounted and misunderstood, the Ninth Doctor spoke to me more than any other incarnation that I’ve seen. Beneath his war-torn and moody exterior lies a kind, genuine, joyous soul who only wants to spread that positivity across time and space. Is he as attractive as Ten? Is he as child-like as Eleven? No, but it’s his maturity and devotion to all things good that draws me toward him the most. It’s unfortunate that we only got one season with him before his regeneration, but he’ll always be important to me.

8/9: Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir – Community

I wanted to include only one character from Community, but, to be completely honest, Troy and Abed go together like peanut butter and jelly; to split them up would be criminal. (I’m looking pointedly at you, Donald Glover, for leaving during season five.) In the midst of an already kooky assortment of characters known as The Study Group, Troy and Abed stand out for their devotion to not only each other as besties, but the childish wonder that gets them through the monotony of community college. No one is impervious to the catchy jingle to their fake morning show. No one.

10: Tina Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

Tina really doesn’t need an explanation. She embodies literally every one going through their awkward early teen years, right down to her devotion to erotic friend fiction. If erotic friend fiction isn’t enough to convince you of her genius, then I guess you’ll never understand the finer things in life.


One thought on “Favorite Screen Characters Tag!

  1. Troy and Abed are a great choice out of all the characters from Community, weirdly though I prefer Annie. Maybe because I am a lot like her in some aspects hahaha
    But YAY! Not enough people watched Misfits in my opinion. Glad you mentioned someone from there as well!

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