Hello one and all; welcome to my stop on the Shelfie Hop hosted by Bookiemoji & My Friends Are Fiction! The purpose of this interactive little blog hop is to show off the one thing that connects all of us: our love of reading! I’ve snapped a quick picture of my bookshelf in its current, overflowing state. It’s actually gotten to the point where I’ve asked for another bookshelf for Christmas this year because, obviously, this little Target bookshelf just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Without further ado, here’s my Shelfie!


Sorry for potato quality; I didn’t want to have to move my tv and my shelf just to eliminate the glare from the sun. Upon further inspection, you’ll find a ton of random things littered throughout: the AP Style book, many books of knitting patterns, the entirety of the Scott Pilgrim series (located behind the stack on which Fangirl sits), textbooks upon textbooks, as well as other ya favorites. Truth be told, the majority of my books are still at my mom’s house, but since I don’t have proper storage for those, there they sit until I get a second bookshelf. However, I must say that I’m rather impressed that I literally have this shelf stuffed to the gills with a variety of different books! When I get that other shelf, I’ll have to update y’all with better quality photos.

Now that you’ve seen my shelf, why not visit one of the other #TheShelfieHop participants?


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