Writing 101: Writing and Not Writing

It’s been previously established that I work as a customer service agent for a major auto insurance company. While I technically do work for our underwriting department, that doesn’t mean that I actually get to do any writing, despite what the name might imply. Though I always envisioned myself doing a more creative job than this in my early-20’s, it definitely does get the bills paid and put food in my stomach; most people my age can’t even manage that in our current job market. Entry-level jobs that allow some room for creative writing often have the requirement of either a Master’s degree in a relevant field or five years of work experience, both of which are utter bullshit considering it’s supposed to be “entry-level.” But I digress.

When I’m not on the clock, I’m more often than not found reading or writing something to post on this blog, even if it’s in the few short hours before I have to get ready in the morning or in the wee hours of the night after I get home from work. Sometimes things can get pretty stressful from trying to cram in all of the things I want to accomplish, especially considering that I’m at work 11 hours out of the day. The little orange anxiety pills are definitely doing their job in making sure I’m not a screaming wreck because I physically can’t write three reviews and four responses to book tags within the span of two hours. If that beautiful magic time machine were to manifest itself in front of me, I’d definitely try to wiggle in some more time for me to be able to sit down and crank out the posts that I have planned to write, first and foremost. This blog is currently my only outlet for getting my words out; that might change once I eventually get my ass into grad school.

Of course, since grad school is in my near future — once I take the GRE and actually frickin’ apply, but there are some other things that have to line up first — I hope to have not only extra ways to sit back, relax, and actually let the words flow freely about a topic I actually care about. As much as most people gripe about them, I actually really love writing academic papers, especially because it offers me the opportunity to use my extensive vocabulary and not sound completely pretentious while doing so. I already have a thesis paper prepared, depending on where I end up attending and for which program, but I’m sure I could weasel the topic into virtually any degree to which I commit myself. (This will maintain a mystery because it’s that good of a topic y’all.)

Do I eventually want to hop back into the saddle and sink into writing short stories again? Absolutely. But I’ve got enough on my plate trying to sketch out the beginning, middle, and end of my current story line. The last thing I need is trying to plan out the course of other people’s lives — and they’re not even real.


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