Writing 101: The Space to Write

One of the greatest things about writing is that it’s one of very few things that I do that I don’t have to be presenting myself a certain way in order to get down to business. While some people are very particular about their work spaces, I feel just fine knowing that I’m fairly low maintenance. I can, and have, found my fingers flying across the keyboard in a myriad of places; a cubicle tucked away in the corner of my local library is just as comfortable to me as being set up all prim and proper with a freshly-prepared cup of tea at a Starbucks ethically-sourced local coffee shop. Am I perfect enough yet? Yes? Cool.

If I were to name a preference for my writing space, I would have to absolutely say my bed, first and foremost. It’s where I spend most of my time outside of work for a reason: I can wrap myself in blankets, I can be in various stages of undress, I can have the worst rat’s nest of a hair style, but my readers would never be the wiser. Honestly, I closely resemble the shiba up there in the gif when I’m writing; it just feels right being all curled up and secure against the outside world. I’ll usually have some kind of music playing on my phone to help set the mood (today, it’s Songza’s “Cold Air, Warm Heart” playlist, for the interested). The more I think about it, the more I realize that the music is the only real requirement I have for setting up my writing space. If I’m going to go out in public and write, I always bring a set of headphones so I can listen to whatever and just tune out the rest of the environment around me. Everything else can be swapped out.

Virginia Woolf and I have a lot in common on this subject. As she wrote in the aptly-titled A Room of One’s Own, “So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only hours, nobody can say.” That’s the absolute beauty of the act of writing: you get to dictate what goes into it and what comes out of it. It’s so purely organic that as long as one’s willing to put in the effort of expressing their thoughts into something palatable — even if it doesn’t have the widest readership — it’s still constructive and results in something unique to each individual writer. I guess that’s why I’m so comfortable writing no matter where I am; I get to dictate my level of interaction with those around me, I get to have the final say into how much or how little editing should be used in a piece, I get to decide whether I’m going to write a drabble or a full-fledged novel. All that matters is that I have choices.

And you? You have choices, too. If you feel like writing, go ahead and do it! Find a spot that feels comfortable to you. Fill it with as much — or as little — as it takes to get the creative juices flowing. Do not feel ashamed about what gets your cogs turning. If it’s smack dab in the middle of the busiest shopping mall around or even tucked away in your bathtub, far away from your outside responsibilities, own it. Writing is so personal and so important that you can’t just ignore what makes you feel the most at ease when you’re willing to pour your soul out on the page.

What would y’all like to see me write about in a future post? I’m always willing to take suggestions on topics, especially since I’m prone to falling in a rut of just reviews and Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays. Please throw some suggestions my way either here on the blog, or just @mention me on Twitter with what you want to see! Be the flint to spark my imagination! (Seriously, someone do this because I need it for the Writing 101 thing for a future post~)


3 thoughts on “Writing 101: The Space to Write

  1. Like your writing style! It’s nice and easy, flowing right along with the breeze or so it seems to me. And I can identify with the dental work and the Novocaine. Hate that it lasts forever and you find yourself dribbling your coffee or tea down the front of your shirt. Keep up the good work.

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