Writing 101: A Story in a Single Image


A chilling breeze blew through the clearing at the edge of the forest, icy enough to freeze me straight down to my core. I stood mere feet away from the trees and braced myself for the coming moments. The directions to the meeting place were straightforward enough, I guess, but following directions and following through are two completely different things. I’d faced other covens before; however, this particular pack of witches had quite the negative reputation trailing wherever they went. They weren’t completely friendly toward other magical folk who hadn’t sworn allegiance to the head of their coven — their supreme, as she’s calling herself these days — yet it was undeniable that they were the only ones who could help with my request, who could possibly breathe life back into my dearly departed.

I further secured my blue jacket around myself to make sure I was keeping well insulated; my body was going to need all the warmth and energy I could muster if I was going to go face my destiny here. After taking one more deep inhalation of breath, I tread lightly into the forest, heading down the natural alley way created by the line of young birch trees. According to the directions, if I followed this path down far enough, I’d eventually arrive at a medium-sized fir tree marking the beginning of the coven’s territory. A nagging voice in the back of my head told me to use common sense, to turn back and just accept that Sarah was gone, but my heart served as the driving force that kept my feet moving forward.

It felt like hours passed before I finally came upon the aforementioned tree and yet another ominous gust of wind whipped my hair violently around my head. Even the elements were telling me to just go home and I’ve never ignored such strong hints coming from Mother Nature before. But, despite all that, I couldn’t live without Sarah. She lit the fire inside of me, gave my magic such strength and vitality just knowing that I had her in my corner. If she was gone, if I couldn’t have her back with me, then who was I? Was life even worth living? A war between head and heart waged within my core and I stood there contemplating the pros and cons of the situation. Resurrections very rarely worked out — I’d heard tales of even the powerful witches in this coven failing to properly perform one — but ultimately, I knew that I had to try. Because she had only just passed the day before, I only had a few hours left to attempt to bring Sarah back to me; the longer we waited, the more likely the spell was going to fail.

Before I could come to my final decision, my thoughts scattered at the sound of a silky, yet venomous voice purring from mere feet behind me: “Oh, sweetie, you look lost. Let me help you.” As I turned my head around to face the supreme, I knew there was no turning back now.


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