Writing 101: Things I Like

Things I Like About Book Blogging:

  • Expressing thoughts about books – I, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of friends in real life who are into the same genres as I am, if they even read at all (gasp!). Thankfully, having a book blog means that I have somewhere I can turn to fangirl over a particularly great book or even vent about an awful one with reckless abandon. I don’t have to be a social pariah after talking about the stupid choices Eadlyn made in The Heir among people who just raved about the new Janet Evanovich novel — not to knock people who read her works, it’s just not my cup of tea.
  • Building a community – Stemming off of the previous bullet, having this blog means that I can pick and choose exactly which blogs I want to follow and discuss our joint love of books! No one’s feeling left out or alienated because we’re all writing about the same genre, same authors, same gripes, same praises. There’s no shame about being an adult who still likes Meg Cabot’s works or still proudly heavily identifies with Slytherin house here and it’s absolutely amazing. Furthermore, I get to meet people of all ages and walks of life across the globe over a common interest, which is incredible.
  • Finding new books – I guarantee you that all of the books that I currently have checked out from the library are books I have never heard of before joining the book blogging community. Without seeing all of these people writing about these books, I probably never would have looked at the cover for Throne of Glass and said, “Yeah, that’s a book I want to read. I definitely need to read more books about beautiful white blonde girls.” But I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about the series from fellow readers whom I’ve grown to trust, so I’m going to be giving the series a try in the near future (and maybe doing a buddy read)!
  • Receiving ARCs – Okay, I would be lying if I didn’t say that this is a small part of the motivation behind starting this blog. I’m broke as hell, since a lot of my paycheck goes toward rent, car payment, student loans, feeding myself, health/car insurance; feeding my reading addiction can be expensive and sometimes I have to wait over two months for a book at the library if it’s on hold forever. Getting ARCs for free in exchange for reviews is definitely a nice perk, but, really, it does allow me to not only discover newer authors who are just getting started, but also rave about these hidden gems so that their books can get the publicity and spotlight they deserve!
  • Writing practice – As expressed time and time again, my job does not allow for any creativity — at all. Coming home after a long day at work to write up a review, or even just crank out a short, fun little post like this is so relaxing to me, because I’m finally back in my element of writing. If I’m going to make it as a future editor or librarian, I need to stay on my toes and keep my writing muscles limber. Resigning to not writing just because it’s not a part of my job description is self-defeating and only makes me feel worse about myself; this way, I’m gradually working myself back into the groove of writing longer-form pieces, and maybe one day, I’ll get to editing my two short story manuscripts and submit them for publication. And then write more short stories.

6 thoughts on “Writing 101: Things I Like

  1. I don’t have many real life friends either. I have 2, plus my wife, and of the 2 I have neither really reads. My wife reads more horror and monster and less fantasy. I like to blog because it gets me to write in some fashion, and its fun and creative. Scratches my itch as it were.

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    • See, I totally feel you on your partner not reading similar genres. Mine reads almost exclusively non-fiction about labor unions or military history, so sometimes I feel like my reading tastes are a little trivial compared to his, haha. But high five for wanting to be creative and have fun with blogging!

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  2. EMBRACE THE BLOGGER COMMUNITY! I’ve met so many great people on here and I have to agree a lot that it’s great to have a platform to fangirl with fellow book lovers. I’ve also discovered many new books and have gotten free eArcs lately, which has helped a lot with my book-buying-problem.
    So, basically, I agree with everything you said and I very much approve of the gif of Nick trying to write his zombie novel! Good luck with your short stories :D!

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    • YAAAS someone who understands the reason why I chose that gif! Nick and his never-ending writer’s block speaks to my soul so hard. Maybe he needs to take Writing 101 too, haha.
      One of the best things about getting free ARCs is getting the unicorn: an actual paperback copy. I just got my second in the mail the other day and am expecting a third within a week or so. Hopefully, if this continues, I can use all of the money I’m saving on books to buy a new bookshelf, ahhaha.

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      • I love New Girl! There was no way around me mentioning it haha Nick is my favourite character on the show. Or maybe Schmidt. I never know. Jess is awesome too. So were Coach and Winston. hahaha I love them all.
        Without wanting to sound intrusive, but do you live in an English-speaking country? Publishers aren’t very likely to send paperback arcs to Austria 😦


  3. I feel really happy that I started a book blog because 1)It’s really fun, 2) I can talk to other book obsessed people!

    Many of my friends don’t read books or they don’t read books like I do if that makes sense. It feels like more of a chore for them. It’s nice speaking to people who don’t find it weird that if I had all the money in the world I would want to spend it one books!

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